My Journey of Finding Peace with Having More Space

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Zoom fatigue. Languishing. Pandemic burnout. Work-from-home-while-parenting-overwhelm. The list goes on and on.

There is no shortage of articles and opinions written about how the months of quarantine have left us all feeling. And now, as many of us move back into the world, there’s a whole new slew of observations coming up. Just today a friend of mine mentioned that it seems to her people forgot how to interact with each other while they were isolated for so long. …


How three human trafficking social enterprises created business models with enough moxie to free the world we are living in.

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and when it was over
nothing defined us
other than the moments
that made us feel free
r.m. drake

One year ago, in January of 2020, I went to Sonoma to a World Changing Womxn Summit. There, in the beauty of wine-country, surrounded by womxn who were showing up, creating space, and keeping the faith, I felt the joy and optimism that is required to be a world-changing womxn. …


How Sarah Symons, founder of Her Future Coalition, has created a business model that that is radical enough to heal the world we have coming.

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She wasn’t looking for a prince, she was looking for a sword.

Early in the days of COVID, I had a phone conversation with a colleague, who is a trauma specialist. As we were discussing the things happening around us and our fears and anxieties, I commented that I was exhausted. She responded, “Of course you are. We are currently experiencing a collective trauma. And when we are in trauma, we are in constant…


How Dr. Vanessa Bouché, founder of Savhera, has created a business model that is audacious enough to harmonize the world we are creating.

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I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

He spoke these words when accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. Earlier in that speech, he said, “I accept this award with an abiding faith in America and an audacious faith in the future of mankind.” When I was growing up, I was taught of a different kind of faith; the faith of a mustard seed.

If you have the faith of a mustard seed…


How Jennifer Moreau, founder of World for Good, has created a business model that is devoted enough to honor the world we have compromised.

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There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.
W. E. B. Du Bois

Raise your hand if you Marie Kondoed your closets during quarantine, in order to ease your anxiety and practice some self-care. Raise your hand if you threw away the items you were getting rid of because donating them was more complicated, and possibly unsafe.

Raise your hand if you stopped going to the grocery store and started having your groceries…

For too long we’ve focused on our own causes. Today calls for joining hands (and forces). It’s all connected, and it’s the only way we’ll see progress.

“What’s the world for if you can’t make it up the way you want it?”
~ Toni Morrison

I saw a meme on Facebook this week that said, “Every month in 2020, it feels like an Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory should be coming out and singing a song about what we were supposed to learn that month.” So far we have learned:

  • the current White House will literally lie about anything — including the weather
  • a white man accused of behaving inappropriately towards womxn is still believed to be more electable to the highest office in…

As long as we continue to disagree over who is a womxn and who is more oppressed by the current systems of power, we are perpetuating the current system of power.

The current debate between trans-friendly feminists and the J.K. Rowling ranters, combined with a number of conversations I’ve had lately with my Gen Z daughter and her friends, has left me pondering the following question:

What does a post-gender feminism look like?

If I’m honest, this conversation started a few years ago when Emma came out as pansexual. I remember half-jokingly saying to her, “Why can’t you be normal…

In her poem, “Coming Out (and Being Pushed Back In),” Megan Falley writes,
Don’t tell me I don’t look queer because I don’t
look like I know how to throw a softball.
I don’t know how to throw a softball. I am queer,

so I am what queer looks like.

This poem is one of many masterpieces in her most recent book, “Drive Here and Devastate Me,” released in 2018. On October 21st, 2019, I heard her speak these words out loud in a tiny dive bar in Orlando, Florida. …

This simple switch has great consequences.

It was recently suggested to me that I should write a post explaining why I use an x in place of the traditional e in the spelling of womxn. Language — the words we say and the things we listen to — are both the most powerful tools we have to overcome and also the most powerful tools of our oppressors. I guess there was part of me that didn’t realize people didn’t know why (and many others) have adopted this spelling.

I also try to live in constant reminder of Maya’s Angelou’s words…

Culture is my jam. I like things that are trendy, and I want trendy things to make the world better. I love the movement towards modern branding and luxury quality for natural products, which lead us to believe that people who are in the know are using natural products. Composting has always kind of overwhelmed me, but learning that Regrained makes Superfood+ bars out of the waste from craft beer made it seem new and exciting.

When I was presented with the theme for March, of Conscious Culture, I immediately thought of how many people I have met who are…

LaKay Cornell (she/her)

Southern. Queer. Feminist. SingleMom. Former cult-church royalty. Writer. Spoken Word Artist. Goal → incite a revolution; topple systems ≠ people; survive.

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