What I learned about shifting culture from the people who love our world and our culture enough to put their entire heart and soul into fixing it.

Culture is my jam. I like things that are trendy, and I want trendy things to make the world better. I love the movement towards modern branding and luxury quality for natural products, which lead us to believe that people who are in the know are using natural products. Composting has always kind of overwhelmed me, but learning that Regrained makes Superfood+ bars out of the waste from craft beer made it seem new and exciting.

On a global level, people are dying and governments are failing to stop it.

Deeply embedded cultural notions of freedom, autonomy, and responsibility are fighting with our desires to live and come out on the other side of this. Similarly, cultural notions of whose responsibility it is to take care of whom, who will suffer the most, survival of the fittest, and what is appropriate behavior for any given situation are all showing up with megaphones — mostly arguing with and criticizing each other.

Shifting culture is almost impossible and rarely without carnage.

On the one side you have those who are attached to the old culture and on the other side you have those who are urging a new culture. Someone has to lose.

This is why we need culture shifters.

Culture Shifters are bridge builders. Maybe it is not the relationship of the two groups as much as it is the innovation to connect them.

Southern. Queer. Feminist. SingleMom. Former cult-church royalty. Writer. Spoken Word Artist. Goal → incite a revolution; topple systems ≠ people; survive.

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