What I’ve learned about Feminism from my Gen Z daughter.

It seemed our worlds were so far apart, and I wondered how we could create progress with this great of a divide between our generations.

Feminism should never have been just about womxn, and certainly not just about white womxn.

  • The recent show, Disclosure, made it clear that the stereotypes attributed to trans people throughout the history of Hollywood have done as much damage as the trope of the stay-at-home wife, the Jezebel temptress, and the overbearing mother-in-law.
  • BIPOC & Queer people routinely make less money than their white, male counterparts, just as womxn do.
  • Getting insurance to pay for gender reassignment surgery and/or hormone treatment is just as important as getting it to pay for birth control and abortions is.
  1. We create others in order to have a better sense of our own selves. I remember the day one of my professors said, “There was no straight until there was gay.” That really stuck with me.
  2. While the creation of others is done by those in power in order to hold on to power, the truth is that the others (they created) are in a unique position to act together to take that power for themselves.

How does a feminist perspective further economic justice, racial justice, queer justice, and climate justice, as well as gender justice?



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